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Let's get to know Gyproc® drywall.


When you want to build a partition wall or house walls, problems that homeowners often face

1) It takes a long time to build the walls.

2) Structures are concerned to carry heavy loads for the partion or new walls.

3) Can the walls are with the propoerty of heat resistant, fireproof, sound proof or cost-save on air conditioner ?

4) The work site must be dirty, messy, filled with bricks, water, cement, sand, etc. Even if it is at condo or on the 2nd floor, it is inconvenient.


In the past, we were often used to brick walls to create partition walls.

  • The brick manufacturing process uses for fertile soil as its primary raw materials and thus destroys the arable land.
  • The process consumes high amount of fuel like and thus has very high embodied energy and is a non-standardized process.
  • Brick quality differs in dimensions, strength, weight and finishing.
  • Constructing wall with bricks and blocks is time consuming, messy and it requires ample amount of water for curing.

Worldwide brick-based construction has become obsolete and gypsum plasterboard dry walls have become the choice of leading architects and developers "Gyproc® drywall technology" is a revolutionary solution that perfectly suits the development base of the construction industry. It is a proven technology used successfully worldwide. 

Let's look at the comparison of the installation process between Gyproc® drywalls vs brick walls. 

No               Gyproc® Drywalls                        Brick Walls

Clean up the area before installation.

Clean up the area before installation.

 2 Set the wall be vertical and levelled. Set the wall be vertical and levelled.
 3 Install the horizontal metal frame

Stretch the horizontal and vertical ligaments. To mark the term in the formation, so that the wall that has been straight and levelled.

 4 Install the grid. The wall can be insulated to improve soundproof performance.

Mix cement and sand by measuring in proportion according to the side of the bag.


Install the gypsum boards.

Soak the bricks before construction so that the bricks have a certain level of water absorption


Plaster joints and screw heads.

 Starting from the bottom of the column, the 1st layer of brick row is about 1.5-2 centimeter thickness. Alternating in every row, with every layer of mortar to be approximately 1.5-2 centimeter thickness.

Plaster the joints as 2nd layer.

 Check the level along the plane and plumb every 3-5 layers with the stringed tendons and water level measurement for the levelness and strength.
 8  Plaster the 3rd layer joint and sand it with sandpaper. After that, painting or any decoration is followed.

Plastered the walls and then painted to decorate.


You can view the video comparing the installation process between Gyproc® Drywalls vs Brick Walls.

In conclusion, there are 6 advantages of using "Gyproc® Drywall"

gyproc_drywall_0 gyproc_drywall

(1) Gyproc® Drywall

It takes a quicker setup. Easy to install and dismantle. Reduce construction time to 4 times compared to brick walls which provides in 25% cost-savings.



(2) Gyproc® Drywall

It's convenient and easy construction. Thus, 33% labor-cost-saving and 99% saving of water from curing.


(3) Gyproc® Drywall Gyproc

It provides fireproof and soundproof propoerty with fire resistant for 2-4 hours (only some model) and protection against unwanted noise at 70 decibels.



(4) Gyproc® Drywall

8-10 times lighter than brick walls which provides 15% building-cost-saving.


(5) Gyproc® Drywall

It is a good heat insulator which can be available in many models according to the needs.


(6) Gyproc® Drywall

Saving the world and sustainability. Reduce factors that cause the global warming more than a brick wall. Also, we are able to bring the gypsum boards back to recycle 100%. Furthermore,  Gyproc® Drywall provides no-dust problems comparing with various construction materials. It brings to the environment that is good for people's living.

There are many advantages to Gyproc® Drywall. Let's try switching to it if you are going to build a room partitioning project. Gyproc® Drywall makes the wall work in our home quicker and easier in construction, lightweight, heatproof, fireproof and soundproof. Further more, " Saving the world and sustainability with Gyproc® Drywall "


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