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GLASROC® X, the board with high resistance to moisture and mould.

Glasroc® X is a high performance board with a gypsum core containing special additives for moisture and mould resistance.

Glasroc® X is reinforced board with a glass-mat on both surfaces and finished with a UV resistant coating, providing outstanding performance in humid environments and for exterior applications.

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Key facts

  • Exterior Aplication
  • Impact Resistance
  • Moisture and Mould Resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Fire Resistance
  • Easy to Score and Snap
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Easy to screw fix
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Easy to Handle
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • High Labour Productivity




1) Boards

For all exterior applications, boards should be installed horizontally starting at least 20 cm from the bottom, or waterproofed first 20 cm, to avoid direct contact with the ground (for interior application, 2 cm from the floor and 1 cm from ceiling) and a joint gap around 3 mm between boards. Boards should be fixed to metal profiles with a galvanized coating not less than Z275 or to aluminum profiles. The thickness and spacing of these profiles are calculated in accordance with local regulations to support the self-weight of boards and wind factors, with spacings from 400 - 600 mm centres. The gap between the vertical joints of two rows of adjacent boards should be no less than 800mm.


2) Board fixing

Boards should be fixed using self-tapping screws appropriate for the board type and thickness of the metal profiles at no greater than 150 mm centres - no less than 10 mm from the board edges. It is recommended to use a stagger pattern of at least 20 mm for the fixings. Screw heads should finis flush with the board surface without damage to the core.


3) Corner reinforcement

For inner and outer corners, the board can overlap the last profile by a maximum of 20 cm. In all cases the edge of the board must be reinforced with an angle profile.


4) Doors and windows areas

For gap formation for windows and doors, joints between boards may not coincide with the plumb line of lintels, window cases or door jambs, as there should be at least 40cm between vertical joints and 15 cm between horizontal joints. All joinery work must be fixed to independent frames so as not to transfer loads onto the boards. In sections used for forming window sills, boards should ensure a slope of at least 10° for water drainage.


5) Expansion joints

To install the Direct render system, it is necessary to do putting off the joints of the sheets first. By using Weber BaseCoat X plastered on joints and reinforcements with 160g net, width 10-15 cm reinforcing mesh. 


6) Joint treatment

To prevent cracks in the corners of the area. The opening should be reinforced with a mesh installation. 160g, size 20 x 40 cm. Diagonally with Weber BaseCoat X plaster in the corner of the opening. And should strengthen the edge of the opening With a mesh corner cover with Weber BaseCoat X plaster. 



7A) Basecoat

Apply Weber BaseCoat X to a 2 mm thickness in the first layer. It is recommended to plaster with a trowel comb to control the thickness evenly.

* Should be plastered with Weber BaseCoat X only after plastering the sheet joints.



8A) Mesh

After plastering the Weber BaseCoat X, apply 160g netting over the entire area. Where in the area of ​​the joint of the mesh overlap at least 10 cm of mesh for continuity and use 160g netting trowel to attach to the 1st layer of WeberBaseCoat mortar in order to be attached to each other around.


9A) Basecoat, second layer

Apply the second round of Weber BaseCoat X plaster while the 1st coat is not completely dry. With a thickness of about 2 mm or more by plastering.

Clean and allow to dry completely in order to wait for the next plastering of Weberbase Skim Ultra Bond

ฉาบปูนฉาบ Weber BaseCoat X รอบที่สองทับ ขณะที่ปูนรอบแรกยังไม่แห้งสนิท ด้วยความหนาประมาณ 2 มิลลิเมตรขึ้นไป โดยฉาบ
ใหเ้รียบและทิ้งให้แห้งสนิท เพื่อรอทำการฉาบปูน เวเบอร์เบส สกิม อัลตร้า บอนด์ ต่อไป



10A) การฉาบสกิมโค้ท

หลังจากปล่อยผนังที่ฉาบไว้ให้แห้งสนิทแล้ว ซ่งึ ปกติจะใช้เวลาประมาณ 48 ชั่วโมง จึงทำการฉาบเรียบด้วยปูนฉาบ เวเบอร์เบส สกิม อัลตร้า บอนด์
หลังจากนั้นทิ้งให้แห้งสนิท เมื่อสกิมโค้ทแห้งสนิทแล้ว จึงสามารถทำการตกแต่งผนังได้ตามต้องการ



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