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All the international standards that "Gyproc" are accepted by many institutions. To assure users they can choose to use gypsum boards, ceiling boards and other products with our best solutions for our homes, people and the environment.


1) Product Standards

with 4 main quality certified standards to our most Gyproc® gypsumboards. 


1.ASTM C1396 (American Society for Testing and Materials) - Standard Specification for Gypsum Board

  • Standard specification for gypsum board certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

2. British Standard BS EN 520 (British adoption of a European (EN) standard) - Standard Specification of Flexural Strength and Breaking Load

  • Standard specification of flexural and fracture strength for gypsum board. Certified by British Standard

3. AS-NZS 2588 (Australian and New Zealand standard for safety management) - Australian / New Zealand Standard for Gypsum plasterboard.

  • Requirements for the production and performance of gypsum sheets used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Certified by the Australian and New Zealand standard institute.

4.BS 476 (British Standard 476 Fire Tests) -Fire Tests on Building Materials and Structures

  • Fire test of gypsum board and structure Certified by the British standard institute

2) Environmental standards

with 3 main standards that Gyproc is certified and continually strive to make every boards pass this quality standard.


1. Signapore Green Label Standard

  • Green Label environmental management system certified by Singapore Environment Council (SEC).

2. Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Standard

  • It is a standardized document based on the Life Cycle Assessment LCA, enhancing compliance with LEED and TREES Green Building Standards.

3. Singapore Green Building Product Standard

  • Our gypsum board business, under the brand name "Gyproc / Proc", has been proven through the Singapore Green Building Product standard and received the highest 'Leader' rating:

4. ticks) from the Singapore Green Building Council, the only institution in the center of this industry from the Singapore Green Building Council.

3) Health standards

  • CDPH: California Department of Public Health Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Control Standard
    • To meet and be certified by CDPH, one of the top standards accepted for LEED projects, it is necessary to prepare the gypsum board according to the standard operating instructions and air conditioning for 10 days prior to testing in the room. The samples are then dynamically introduced into the environmental chamber for volatile organic compounds (VOC) measurements at 11-, 12- and 14-day equilibrium times.

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